Practice for Pre-Test

1. Almost everyone fails _____ the driver’s test on the first try. (A). passing (B). to have passed (C). to pass (D). in passing

2. If a person does not have an attorney, the court _____ one. (A). will point (B). appointed (C). would appoint (D). appointing

3. Vermont, commonly known as the Green Mountain State, refused ______ until 1791. (A). to join the Union (C). the joining of the Union (B). joining the Union (D). join the Union

4. Air constricted between the vocal chords makes them ________, producing sounds (A). to vibrate (B). vibrating (C). vibrate (D). the vibration

5. On the average, a healthy heart,  ____ to pump five tablespoons of blood with every beat. (A). must (B). ought (C). can (D). should

6. In general, by the second year of production, the price of a new piece of technology _____ significantly. (A). will decreased (C). has decreased (B). will have decreased (D). will has decreased

7. Civil engineers had better ____ steel supports in concrete structures built on unstable geophysical sites. (A). include (B). including (C). inclusion (D). included

8. The cones of pine trees _____ two or three years to reach maturity. (A). to take (B). taking (C). may take (D). takes

9. The two main ___ are permanent magnets and electromagnets. (A). kinds of magnets (C). kind magnets (B). kind of magnets (D). kinds magnets

10. When water is frozen, it becomes _______ (A). ice (B). ices (C). the ice (D). an ice

11. ____ can live to be more than fifteen years old. (A). That it is dogs (C). That dogs (B). Dogs that (D). Dogs

12. ____ by the author John Grisham are frequently on the best seller list. (A). The novel (B). Novels (C). A novel (D). Some novel

13. Seals can _____ because they have a thick layer of blubber under their fur. (A). keep them warm (C). they keep warm (B). keep themselves warm (D). keep their warm

14. Hyperactivity in children may result from ___ some food additives. (A). their eating (B). they eat (C). to eat (D). them eating

15. Hawkeye was a character ___________ James Fenimore Cooper created for The Last of the Mohicans. (A). who (B). whom (C). which (D). whose