Reading Comprehension Practice for TOEFL 2

Mc. Gaffic is a large school which not only boasts a beautiful campus, but also is surrounded by charming rural villages. It offers  advantages, such as small classes, individual counseling and private dorm rooms, which few schools of its size can match. The college offers degrees in a wide range of liberal arts fields, though no longer in oriental languages, and has a wide-ranging sports program embracing most of the usual collegiate sports, with  the exception of football. In contrast to nearby Perkins College, which requires  students to live off-campus, McGaffic houses all its all-male student population in dormitories on campus.

The college has a distinguished teaching faculty and, in addition to highly-qualified lecturers, has at least three artists-in-residence on campus each year. The college’s strong liberal arts bias underwent a significant shift in the mid-seventies, when it invested in a new science building, instead of the new theater which many alumni, including two former state governors, would have preferred. However, the policy change seems to have paid off as all of the science departments, with the sole exception of the chemistry department, have had representatives win award in national science competitions.

Given this success, other policy changes might be expected, but the least likely, in the nineties at least, would be for McGaffic to become coed.

taken from ‘Building Skills for the TOEFL Test’ by Carol King and Nancy Stanley page 367